MissScarlett Black
MisstressScarlett Black

Cuckold session , Double Dom , or bi sessions

Cuckold sessions , are indeed a memorable experience

Watching two dominants have coitus,

Maybe you will work Master leo up and get him ready
to please Mistress ?

You’ll watch - maybe drool , and I’m sure become excited .
You’ll be allowed if you’re a good little subby, to have a close up
experience . And when all the action is over … clean up

1 hour experience  is £270 an hour

Bi session- you can experience this just with Master Leo
For £130 per hour This includes your session needs too so any kink play you also have desires for ,

Also you can have me join and assist in your filth for £ 250

There’s so much choice and so many naughty fantasies to be enjoyed .

What’s yours ?

We endeavour to cater for most debauchery